Empowering Success: Comnexa’s Partner Journey with PDF Butler

About Comnexa 

Comnexa, a Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Consulting Partner and trailblazer in leveraging technology for financial and professional services, has been at the forefront of driving organizational success through Salesforce implementations since its inception in 2016.  

With a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies and challenges, Comnexa is dedicated to empowering businesses to make the most of their Salesforce investment. Their journey is rooted in firsthand experience, with founders who have witnessed the transformative power of Salesforce within their own organizations.  

In this Partner Spotlight, we’ll dive into PDF Butler’s partnership with Comnexa, and a successful implementation of PDF Butler with African Investments. 

PDF Butler & Comnexa Partnership 

Comnexa has been a valued partner in our journey toward revolutionizing document generation processes. Their initial engagement with PDF Butler began when looking for the right document solution for their client, Construction Insurance Risk.  

Comnexa’s technical expert, Jordan Rive, conducted rigorous testing of PDF Butler alongside other document generation tools. Impressed by our solution’s capabilities, Jordan says I’m a Salesforce consultant and have experienced many different products on the App Exchange. PDF Butler stands out as a great document generation tool, with a superb support team. It is quick to learn the basics and easy to follow the guides in the academy.” 

African Investments Deal Book Generation Through PDF Butler  

Comnexa addressed the inefficiencies surrounding the generation of the Deal Book: a comprehensive compilation of over 150 opportunities. Historically, this process was labor-intensive and error-prone, relying on manual compilation methods.  

To revolutionize this workflow, African Investments decided to implement PDF Butler: 

Complex Document Configuration: PDF Butler allowed African Investments to design intricate templates tailored to specific requirements. The layout was customised, along with formatting, which allowed the efficient creation and content structure of the Deal Book.  

Image Rendering from Public Links: Incorporating dynamic content, such as images sourced from public links, was a critical aspect of this project.    

Mass Volume Document Generation: We seamlessly handled the generation of Deal Books containing a substantial volume of opportunities. Using the PDF Butler Mass Volume package, the solution efficiently processes large datasets.  

Automation for Approval Workflow: Comnexa worked with African Investments to develop a Salesforce Flow to send the document to each opportunity owner with the click of a button.  

In summary, the implementation of PDF Butler revolutionized Deal Book generation for African Investments. This scalable approach ensures that the business can meet future demands effortlessly. 

“Fabulous implementation of a complex product that has considerable potential in our business. Thanks for your assistance and prompt implementation.” 

Rupert McCammon – CEO, African Investments Limited 


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