Introducing Manual Signing V2

Manual Signing V2 is a significant upgrade designed to enhance your experience with our document signing tool. This new version builds upon user feedback to streamline the signing process and improve functionality, making it easier and faster to create Sign requests. 

What is Manual Signing? 

Manual Signing is a tool that allows you to quickly create a customized Sign Request, element by element, without the need for extensive configuration.  

With Manual Signing, you can easily select the signing methods available, handle multiple signers, include new contacts, and associate Sign Requests with specific records in Salesforce. The process is designed to be user-friendly, requiring only two steps to generate a Sign Request, thereby reducing the learning curve and work time for your team. 

What’s New in Manual Signing V2? 

Every product must evolve with the passage of time and the updating of technology, which is why we have listened to our users very carefully, selected their ideas, and transformed them into Manual Signing V2. This update is entirely focused on improving the user experience and simplifying the steps involved in the signing process. 

  • Simplified Process 

In Manual Signing V2, the process of generating a Sign Request has been reduced from three steps to just two. This change streamlines the workflow, making it more efficient and user-friendly. The order of data entry has been modified to be more intuitive, ensuring that users can quickly understand and navigate the tool. 

  • Enhanced User Interface 

All components of Manual Signing have been updated using Lightning Web Components technology. This update provides a more modern and responsive user interface. Now, you can preview the document you upload from your device, library, or Salesforce files directly within the tool. 

  • Improved Signer Identification 

Each signer is now assigned a distinctive color, making it easier to identify the items corresponding to each signer on the document. This feature helps prevent errors and enhances the clarity of the signing process. 

  • Advanced Document Handling 

In step 02, you can drag and drop any item over the document, navigate between pages, and jump between documents if you upload more than one. Additionally, you can open a small summary for each signer at the top of the screen. Once all the items are placed on the document, simply click “send” to complete the process. Our company mascot, Cadmus, will notify you when everything is ready! 

  • Easy Installation 

To access these new features, you only need to install the latest version of SIGN Butler. 


Manual Signing V2 is a compact and efficient tool designed to reduce the work time and effort required by your team. It supports up to 10 signers per Sign Request and allows for the inclusion of multiple documents and custom information requests. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined process, Manual Signing V2 is a valuable addition to any organization looking to optimize its document signing workflow. 

Install the latest version of SIGN Butler today and experience the improvements for yourself! 

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