Anyway Green’s Shift from Manual to Automated Documents with PDF Butler

Headquartered in Milan, Anyway Green is an Italian energy solutions provider and a trusted partner of E-on, one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and infrastructure. Their specialization lies in offering tailored energy solutions to meet the unique needs of condominium administrators and private homeowners. 

With a strong focus on eco-sustainability, Anyway Green collaborates with condominium management firms to deliver comprehensive energy services, including electricity and gas supply, energy efficiency solutions, and legal protection. 

In this success story, we speak with Francesca Sapori, a business analyst at Anyway Green, about how the company streamlined its document process with PDF Butler, moving away from a time-consuming and labor-intensive approach. 

Challenges Faced: 

Before implementing PDF Butler, Anyway Green had a disjointed process for document generation and management. They relied on Adobe Acrobat for sending documents and Microsoft Excel for tracking them. According to Francesca, this method not only hindered productivity but also raised the risk of errors, jeopardizing the accuracy of their documents.  

This approach proved inefficient, lacking the precision and control needed to streamline various documents, including bank statements, contracts, and reports related to electricity and gas consumption. 

“We had no control over the process,” Francesca says. 

Solution Implementation and Impact: 

At the recommendation of Horsa, a renowned System and Solution Integrator, Anyway Green explored PDF Butler as a solution. After a thorough investigation, a significant factor in their decision was PDF Butler’s seamless integration with Salesforce, offering a native-feel interface that automatically populates templates based on various requirements. Francesca notes the utilization of 12 different templates with PDF Butler, all effortlessly dispatched to their clients and partners. 

Since the implementation of PDF Butler, Francesca claims Anyway Green has experienced transformative benefits. The automatic extraction of data from Salesforce has removed the need for manual entry, mitigating the risk of errors. They now have increased control over document generation, enjoy streamlined workflows, and have significantly reduced manual effort.  

Francesca expresses her satisfaction with PDF Butler, highlighting its invaluable role in enabling Anyway Green to redirect focus towards core tasks by automating manual processes and follow-ups. 


“With PDF Butler, we’ve eliminated the need for repetitive rewriting or redoing of work. Every aspect and component of our documents are now stored within our Salesforce environment, minimizing the need for extensive interventions,” she claims. 

Anyway Green’s success story with PDF Butler serves as a testament to the transformative impact of document automation on optimizing business operations and driving productivity. 

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