Customer Migration Success Story: Why Trusty Cook Made the Switch to PDF Butler for their Doc-Gen Needs

Trusty-Cook, a manufacturer based in Indiana, has been crafting precision machining accessories since the 1960s. Their expertise spans from catering to local stores to serving large enterprise companies, all centered around expert craftsmanship in industrial tools. 

In this success story, Richard White, project manager, recounts his transition from an inefficient Salesforce document solution to PDF Butler, highlighting the benefits of the migration. 

The Challenge: 

Richard experienced firsthand the shortcomings of their previous solution: it was slow, clunky, and unresponsive. Despite being endorsed as a market leader in the Salesforce document space, it failed to meet his expectations. 

Each document required numerous steps and lengthy waiting periods, resulting in significant time wasted. Vital documents like purchase orders and packing slips, crucial in the manufacturing sector, became a cumbersome task.  

He highlighted the laborious process of creating multiple copies of packing slips for each line item in a purchase order. On top of that, customer support was not on par with his expectations. 

“I got a survey from our previous solution asking for a rating, and I gave it the lowest score. I then got a call, spent about an hour on the phone for help, and guess what? They just never got back to me again.” 

This is when Richard knew there had to be a better way, and sought alternatives on the Salesforce AppExchange, where he discovered PDF Butler. 

Solution Implementation and Impact: 

“We generate more than 14,000 purchase orders a year, and with our previous solution, we just couldn’t keep up,” Richard explains.

Recognizing the potential for time savings with PDF Butler, Trusty Cook decided to start with a free trial in their Sandbox environment. They then received formal setup assistance from 22 Nexus, a PDF Butler partner specializing in Salesforce Implementation and Consulting. 

Richard reflects on the implementation process, describing it as smooth and efficient. He and his team quickly adapted to the new system, finding it intuitive and user-friendly. 

“It was just so simple and easy. None of us have computer backgrounds or are that tech-savvy, but we picked it up straight away,” Richard says. 

When asked about the biggest advantage of the migration, Richard emphasizes the significant time savings. Creating purchase orders, once a laborious task, has now become streamlined. This efficiency not only gives the team more time but also reduces errors in the process. Additionally, they were impressed by PDF Butler’s responsiveness and reliability, a stark contrast from their previous experience. 


With PDF Butler in place, Trusty-Cook witnessed a remarkable enhancement in efficiency and time management. The cumbersome process of document generation became much simpler, thanks to the intuitive features of PDF Butler. Richard’s positive experience with the system prompted him to recommend its adoption to his colleagues and potential partners. 

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