OM Interactive’s Journey with PDF Butler: Process Streamlining

About OM Interactive 

OM Interactive is a trailblazer in motion-activated interactive projection technology, catering to the care, health, learning disability, rehabilitation, and special education sectors.

Their mission revolves around creating inclusive sensory products and immersive environments that engage and motivate people of all ages and abilities. 

Facing challenges rooted in manual processes and an evolving business landscape, OM Interactive sought a solution that aligned seamlessly with Salesforce. PDF Butler emerged as the catalyst for change, revolutionizing document generation and contributing to OM Interactive’s commitment to inclusive sensory products and immersive environments. 

The Challenge: Evolving from Manual Processes to Salesforce Integration 

We sat down with Trevor Nell, Director of Operations at OM Interactive, and asked him about his day-to-day challenges. 

Trevor inherited a role in a rapidly growing company managed through spreadsheets. Seeking a CRM solution integrated with production, he chose Salesforce. However, this decision led to unforeseen challenges. The transition to Salesforce was not without hurdles, and Trevor’s role evolved into re-engineering processes, a task beyond his initial scope.

The company’s reliance on a dedicated CRM system, ACT, meant that most of their operations, including quotations, were executed manually. Word templates were employed, prices were manually looked up, and the entire process was managed through intricate spreadsheets. 

As Trevor delved deeper into the Salesforce ecosystem, he encountered its limitations. Salesforce, optimized for simpler sales scenarios, struggled to accommodate the complexity of configurable products and intricate manufacturing processes. An Irish implementation company provided basic PDF templates, offering limited customization options beyond logo and address changes. Further complications arose when involving an Indian company for Manufacturing Resource Planning, resulting in poor-quality PDF documents generated from complex code scripts. 

Recognizing the need for a structured solution, Trevor explored various options online before finding PDF Butler. This transition proved instrumental in reshaping OM Interactive’s approach to operational efficiency and document generation. 

User Experience with PDF Butler 

Reflecting on his two-year journey with PDF Butler, Trevor acknowledged the learning curve associated with mastering the tool, especially for individuals less experienced with databases. 

As the primary user and administrator of PDF Butler, Trevor highlighted the tool’s user-friendly nature. He emphasized that end-users find it intuitive and straightforward, praising its adaptability even for those without extensive database experience. 

When asked about the biggest advantage since implementing PDF Butler, Trevor pointed out the consistency in function. Despite the tool being robust, every time he triggers it, whether for PDF or Word documents, it performs reliably. This consistency, according to Trevor, has been refreshing, contributing to a seamless document generation experience. 

Trevor also mentioned the tool’s reasonable flexibility within the scope of his understanding of PDF Butler. He recently discovered new features through discussions with Jeremy, the Success Engineer at PDF Butler, expressing satisfaction with the tool’s ability to meet his needs without encountering any missing features so far. Trevor cited a timely introduction to potential population fields, showcasing the ongoing development and responsiveness of PDF Butler to user needs. 

Recommendations and Insights 

When asked about advice for others considering PDF Butler, Trevor wholeheartedly recommends the product, considering it a no-brainer choice for document generation. 

In terms of the broader challenges faced, Trevor expressed the importance of focusing on solutions that can quickly resolve specific issues. He suggested that users, overwhelmed with multiple problems to solve, might not have the luxury of dedicating extensive time to learning individual tools. Trevor found Jeremy’s approach helpful – presenting the end solution and working backward, saving time and making the learning process more manageable. 

Trevor believes having such a service can significantly accelerate the learning curve, especially for individuals who may not be database-savvy. He commends PDF Butler as a five-star product with a reasonable price point and suggests that larger integration houses explore third-party solutions like PDF Butler to simplify complex processes. 


OM Interactive’s success story proves the transformative power of PDF Butler in the realm of sensory technology. We are thrilled to have played a key role in their journey toward increased efficiency and a departure from manual processes.

If you’re navigating challenges in document generation within Salesforce, PDF Butler is your strategic partner. Experience the benefits of PDF Butler and revolutionize your workflow. Together, we can elevate your document generation processes to new heights. 

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