Driving Growth: How PDF Butler Transformed Techpilot’s Sales Operations

With over 40,000 registered users, Techpilot is Europe’s largest B2B platform for the manufacturing industry. Since 2000, they have been connecting suppliers, buyers and manufacturers and making sure to determine the right price for drawing parts. 

Techpilot ensures strong online visibility and provides a lucrative sales channel for registered suppliers. Operating in different languages including German, English, and Italian, Techpilot serves the entire market for mechanical components and is the European market leader with 280 supported manufacturing technologies. 

We interviewed Benjamin John, Head of Business Process and Change Management at Techpilot, to delve into their journey with Salesforce and their adoption of PDF Butler for document generation.  

How did your document generation process look like before PDF Butler?  

“Very manually. Before PDF butler, we were creating our quotations with excel. This takes a lot of time and in fact, our data inside and outside Salesforce was never in sync.” 

Before integrating PDF Butler into their workflow, Techpilot faced significant challenges in their sales process. They relied on Salesforce for all processes but lacked a default PDF solution. Creating sales quotes using Excel was time-consuming and led to discrepancies between data inside and outside Salesforce.  

The second pain point is that Techpilot operates in three different languages. German, English, and Italian. Managing this all in one excel sheet resulted in frequent frustrations for the sales team. 

Discovery and Decision 

Benjamin’s quest for a PDF export solution led him to discover PDF Butler during an online search. The seamless integration with Salesforce and the attractive pricing compared to other solutions caught their attention. Following a brief but informative online demo, Techpilot quickly recognized the potential of PDF Butler to address their needs. Within days, they made the decision to implement PDF Butler, impressed by its simplicity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. 

What’s the biggest advantage of PDF Butler? 

“Before, the Sales manager needed 10 minutes for a quotation, now after the full implementation of PDF Butler, we are about 2 minutes.
This is a real advantage.” 

Currently, Techpilot’s sales team utilizes PDF Butler to generate over 100 quotes per month and facilitate online signatures through Sign-Butler. The solution has revolutionized their sales process, reducing the time needed for quotation creation from 10 minutes to just 2 minutes. This significant time-saving has led to a shorter sales cycle and improved efficiency across the board. 

Measurable Success and Future Prospects 

Techpilot has seen tangible improvements in productivity and reliability since implementing PDF Butler. The quality of their quotations has vastly improved, saving valuable time and resources. Looking ahead, they envision extending the use of PDF Butler beyond sales to departments like accounting and invoicing, recognizing its potential for further optimization and streamlining of processes. 


For Benjamin and the team at Techpilot, PDF Butler has been instrumental in simplifying their sales process, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. The investment in PDF Butler has proven essential for Techpilot’s continued success in the competitive B2B landscape, marking a transformative journey in their sales operations. 

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